On The Verge

For the wild spirited!

ON THE VERGE, an edgy collection for the wild spirited. Ethically handcrafted products, small editions only, born from the love of leather and sarees. The leather collection includes handbags, money belts, scarves, waist belts, chaps and small accessories. The textile collection includes kimonos, dresses and tops. On The Verge creates and recreates the simplicity and elegance of the bohemian era. Customers are charmed by the idea of the uniqueness of the products. The garments are each one of a kind in color and patterns, the leather products are only produced in small editions. Shipping occurs within hours of your order on a working day. Customers are always appreciative of the rapid response and the care allocated to their order.

On The Verge is designed for creatives, globe-trotters, nature lovers,  the effortlessly fashionable who exudes their uniqueness.


Behind the brand:

My name is Virginie. I am originally from France. I moved over to Ireland almost 18 years ago and now speak like a true Cork woman, with a hint of a french accent, like! 

I have worked in IT for many years. Three years ago, I kissed this old life goodbye to follow my heart. I booked a ticket to India and got the On The Verge dream back on wheels.

I like functional designs, simplicity & natural elegance. I am a romantic with a big crush on 60's fashion. My love for leather comes from my upbringing around horses. My love for sarees of course comes from India - I will never get tired to work with their colors. 

I sketch throughout the year. I design and redesign. 

My collection is ethically made. I spend 5 weeks in India every year to follow my production. I work with two incredible teams of tailors, one for my leather line, and another one for my textile collection. As my business grows - theirs grows as well.

I strive for quality, uniqueness and to dress the wild spirited like me :)

Thank you so much for visiting my shop. I hope that if you order from me, you will feel the care in the making all the way to the packaging & the general love for what I do.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story,

Virginie AKA Virg