24 hours ago I decided I will never blog, 23 hours ago I wrote my first ever blog post

Choose a job you love,

and you will never have to

work a day in your life.
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So here it is, my first blog… Well I am gonna tell you about learning why blogging is essential for an online business - and why I have found it so hard to get going with this new venture.


About a year ago, I have joined an online facebook group called Bite the biscuit. I joined this group as it was a group for creative people and seem to be only Ireland based. How many groups do you join and forget about almost instantly? Well, somehow, this group was different. Tara Boo, the author and sole driving force of the page was very personable and I kept being attracted to this page and would visit it at least three times a week.


I run On The Verge full time since November 2014. It is my sole source of income. I never studied marketing, it seemed to me to be a big world selling fake dreams in the sole purpose to make money. But slowly slowly, after a year on Bite the biscuit, Tara offered a free branding course over a week. The shinny offer attracted the magpie in me and I signed up.


Well - let me tell you - this is probably the best thing I have done for me and my business: finally understanding who I am making those products for. If you don’t know that, how can you make and address yourself to the right people to sell. I cannot believe that  I am writing this today, but now I understand how important it is.


I very recently took part to the full online branding foundation course with Tara. It covers branding, instagram, Facebook, SEO, huge tips, and so much more. It really increased my confidence in my brand. Now, I am carrying on my journey in Tara's other group Biscuit Factory. I have signed up for 6 months mentoring where Tara is helping a group of us grow our business even better and bigger. 


This month we are working on BLOGGING. This is the beast with horns tormenting my nights. I mentioned earlier how important it was to know your ideal customer. Well my ideal customer is a mix of my friend Louise, a real customer called Anna and me. We have very similar personalities and when it comes to marketing, we run away from any elaborated visible marketing tactics cause we know they wanna sell us something... 


So to me, for this first blog, it was very important to tell you this background story. I want to share with you what it is is to run a business alone, my lifestyle, my discoveries, my travels, my hikes, my experiences with my amazing customers while staying true to me but mostly to you.  And I wanted for people who buy directly online and that I might not ever meet face to face, to get the essence of my drive and my passion. 


So welcome to the On The Verge’s adventures :) 


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